Sharing, connecting, managing, analyzing and understanding data on the Web will enable better services for citizens, communities and industry. However, turning web data into successful services for the public and private sector requires skilled web and data scientists, and it still requires further research. In order to teach and train researchers and to create exchange opportunities, the Web Intelligence community in Rhône Alpes and Universität Bonn are bringing together experts on various aspects of the Web. The 2015 edition of the Web Intelligence Summer School (WISS) will deal with:

Question answering based on web data

 We will bring together experts on various aspects directly related this question: publication of web data (linked data, semantic web standards and techniques), understanding and analyzing a question in natural language (NLP), finding data to answer the question and to justify the answer (information retrieval, data management, machine learning, data integration/curation/extraction), presenting the answers (visual analytics).

During the week of the 31st of August to the 4th of September 2015, students will learn from formal presentations and hands-on sessions that will make them scientifically and practically competent.


Programme Overview

The week will be divided into half-day sessions, each of which provides scientific and practical knowledge to the attendees. The expected topics are:


Important Dates

Opening of Application for participation : March 2014
End of Application : 4th July 2015
Notification of acceptance : 8th July 2015
Deadline for registration : 31st July 2015
Summer School : 31st August 2015 – 4th September 2015



The speakers have been invited from the best known institutions in the field, in order to ensure highest quality in content and pedagogy. We will update the web site frequently as we get confirmed speakers and plan the programme.

  • Prof. Christian Jensen (Aarhus University, Denmark) on Keyword/NLP querying of geospatial data
  • Dr. Samper Ludovic (Antidot, France) on Machine Learning
  • Prof. Koubarakis Manolis (Univ. Athens, Greece) on Linked geospatial data
  • Dr. Shekarpour Saeedeh (Univ. Bonn, Germany) on Question Answering Systems
  • Dr. Lange Christoph (Univ. Bonn, Germany) on Linked Open Data
  • Dr. Both Andreas (Unister, Germany) on Data integration and curation
  • Prof. Andrienko Gennady (Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany) on Visual Analytics basics



Data, Web, Linked Data, NLP, Data integration, curation, extraction, Data vizualisation